National Fallen Firefighters Memorial 2009

In observance of the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service, and per Public Law 107-51, flags at all Fire District facilities will be lowered to half-staff from sunrise to sunset on Sunday, October 4. This year, 103 fallen firefighters from 36 states, including 7 California firefighters, will be memorialized at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland,

The Candlelight and Memorial Services are broadcast live October 3rd and 4th online at

Contra Costa County Fire Protection District Line of Duty Deaths

The CCCFPD memorial wall is located at our Training Division, 2945 Treat Blvd. in Concord. Dedicated July 21, 2008, this is a place where we remember and honor those of our Fire District family who died in the line of duty.

Fire Captain John Nunes
4-7-1958 - 3-31-2009

Fire Captain Matt C. Burton
12-27-1972 - 7-21-2007

Fire Engineer Scott P. Desmond
2-16-1970 - 7-21-2007

The NIOSH Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program (FFFIPP) has released their investigation report (#F2007-28) on the Michele Drive incident. The report contains nine recommendations, eight of which are included in the Fire District’s Michele Drive LODD Investigation Report. The ninth recommendation is directed toward the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and refers to the proposed inclusion of additional training requirements in NFPA 1001 and NFPA 1021. The Investigation Report (#F2007-28) is posted on their website located at:
Investigation Report: Michele Drive Line of Duty Deaths

This report (completed in April 2008) contains the Investigation Team’s findings and recommendations, which are intended to correct the identified deficiencies and move the Fire District forward. The Team recognizes and respects that crews encountered a challenging incident compounded by a reported rescue. In identifying and reporting findings and recommendations, the Team’s intent is not to place blame or point fingers at personnel who made split-second decisions while attempting to aggressively stabilize the incident and rescue the trapped occupants. We ask every person who reads this Report to have the same degree of respect, appreciation, and consideration for all of the personnel who responded to this incident. It is our hope that by sharing this report and the important lessons learned with other firefighters and the fire service community, it will help prevent a similar tragedy from occurring.

-- Michele Drive LODD Investigation Team

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